Non-slip Magic Grating
Heavy Duty Grating
Civil Grating
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  • Ship & Offshore plant
    Ship & Offshore plant
    Non-slip Magic Grating applied the innovative emboss processing technology shows its...
  • Power(Industrial) plant
    Power(Industrial) plant
    The triangular structure allows to walk without slippery and any working carts can pass without...
  • Non-slip plant grating
    Non-slip Magic Grating
    Outstanding sliding prevention of non-slip magic
    grating against raining and snowing even an ice...
  • Safety Net Grating
    Safety Net Magic Grating
    For ship grating, space limit is 15mm to meet the
    NMD rule. Generally normal grating is made to...
  • Civil Grating
    Light Duty Grating
    Triangular Structure allows safe passage for
    baby carriages, wheelchairs and human beings...
  • Heavy Duty Grating
    Heavy Duty Grating
    By locating the magic bar at 3mm from the top,
    Magic grating prevents the possible damages...