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Fatigue test

  • From the starting point, the pressure per unit area of normal grating is higher than
    that of 4 hour later magic grating's. It's natural that higher pressure per unit area causes
    more fatigue of workers

  • Measurement of the Muscle Fatigue
  • This experiment shows how the muscle of workers feel differently on Magic and Normal.
    Common Grating Max. force of foot pressure (N) 894.415  997.595
    Pressure area(㎠) 137.365  140.365
    Pressure per unit area (N/㎠) 28.5 34
    Magic Grating
    Max. force of foot pressure (N) 743.555 825.99
    Pressure area(㎠) 126.36 132.655
    Pressure per unit area (N/㎠) 23 27
  • Scene of fatigue tests