Optimal design

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    Non-slip Magic Grating

  • Non-slip Magic Grating
  • Magic Grating resistant against
  • Number of lattices per metar : 23(4.5T)

    Common Grating

  • Normal Grating
  • Damaged by weights and twists!
  • Number of lattices per metar : 34(4.5T)

  • Comparison of Grating for Industrial plant
    Types Magic grating Common grating
    Size 995×995×25×4.5T 995×995×25×4.5T
    Lattice intervals 45mm 30mm
    Number of lattices 23ea 34ea
    Discharge area size 81.1% 76.7%
    Weight 32kg 37.3kg
  • - The wide lattice interval and the triangle structure enable the most suitable plan of the low weight.