Comparison of Weights

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Comparison of gratings for ship

  • Non-slip magic grating w/safety net
  • Safety net magic grating
  • Normal grating for ship
  • Common grating for ship

Space limit of the grating for ship is 15mm to meet the NMD rule.
Due to safety net, prevents any falling of small tools thus.

* NMD RULE : Norwegian Maritime transportation Department Rule – space between
2 bars should be no more than 15mm to prevent any falling of small tools, bolt etc.

Magic Grating of 25*3T is have more excellent performance and rugged durability
if compares the common grating of 25*4.5T.

Safety net Magic Grating
Space Weight Decreasing
38.4㎜ 27.2kg ▼ 28.8%
Common Grating for Ship
Space Weight
15㎜ 38.2kg