Comparison of Weight

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  • Comparison of Drainage Area
    Magic Grating Common Grating for general load
    Size (mm) Weight (kg) Drainage Area Size (mm) Weight (kg) Drainage Area
    450ⅹ1000ⅹ50ⅹ6T 35.3 76.5% 450ⅹ1000ⅹ50ⅹ9T 63.3 59.6%
    760ⅹ1000ⅹ75ⅹ6T 80.4 77.4% 760ⅹ1000ⅹ75ⅹ9T 153.6 60.5%
  • - Magic Grating of 75*6T is have more excellent performance and rugged durability
     if compares the common grating of 75*9T.

    • Using Magic grating, you can have more drainage capacity, besides you can save 30~70 kg
      of raw materials.